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LIMITED EDITION, Just 68 to be ever made.


Introducing a Sculpture that encapsulates the essence of a legendary racing car, forever etched in history as the vessel through which a true icon secured their 7th world title in the  year of 2004. This piece celebrates not only the machine's excellence but also the unforgettable partnership between man and car that solidified its place in racing history.

Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, this Sculpture is a testament to both artistry and engineering. Every curve, every line is carefully crafted to mirror the essence of the successful racing car, echoing the synergy between man and machine that defined its triumphs.

The automotive painting finish adds an exquisite touch of authenticity to this Sculpture, ensuring that every shade and hue is replicated with utmost precision. Elevating its appeal further, the Sculpture features a carbon fiber wrap – a nod to cutting-edge technology that defined the era's performance and innovation. This textured element encapsulates the essence of speed, pushing boundaries, and driving excellence.

For the most devoted fans of the racing world and enthusiasts, this Sculpture is an absolute treasure. Embrace the legacy of the 2004 championship-winning car and the legendary driver who piloted it with this exceptional masterpiece.

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Vintage Framed Sculpture "The 7th Title"

$2,990.00 Regular Price
$2,490.00Sale Price

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