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Inspired by one of the most celebrated partnerships in motorsport history, this Sculpture captures the essence of a beloved racing driver who wore the red colors with unmatched pride.

1996 marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey, a victorious collaboration that would rewrite the annals of racing history. This Sculpture serves as a tribute to that momentous year, when a legendary partnership was formed, laying the foundation for an era of unparalleled triumph.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this Sculpture captures the spirit of that successful combination. 

The Sculpture is finished with a flawless automotive paint, mirroring the vibrant hues that streak across the racetrack. Adding an extra layer of elegance and authenticity, the Sculpture boasts a carbon fiber wrap, emulating the high-tech material that adorns the most cutting-edge racing machines. The juxtaposition of the smooth automotive paint and the textured carbon fiber wrap creates a visually captivating experience that encapsulates the marriage of performance and aesthetics.

Measures 47.25" x 19.75" x 10.50"


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Vintage Framed Sculpture "A legend dressed in Red - 1996"

If out of stock, ships in around 45 days

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